Blais - 2401: Sabbath School Lesson 2020 1st Quarter 2020 - The Book of Daniel (DVD Set)

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The study on the book of Daniel by Elias Brasil de Souza, is relevant to us who are living in the "the time of the end" Dan 12:9) Daniel provides the evidence not only for our belief in God but also in Jesus and His death on the cross as well as the promise of His return. 

Through Daniel, we have been given the sequences of the empires: Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome, and God's eternal kingdom after the Second Coming. From our perspective, we can see that the world kingdom have come and gone as predicted. Or, in the case of Rome, have come and remained, just as Daniel wrote. Thus, we have affirmation of biblical prophecy in world history. Living where we are in the prophetic timeline, we see that Daniel was correct about all these kingdoms, giving us ample reasons to trust God regarding His soon-coming Kingdom.

Robert Blais was born in Montreal, where he studied film and aspired to work in the entertainment industry. But shortly before completing his program, Robert was converted and has since committed his life to God. A passionate teacher, Robert has served as a pastor, an evangelist, a youth leader, and along with his wife, has organized missions in Canada and the Philippines. Robert holds a degree in Biblical Studies from TWU.

Join Robert Blais as he digs deeper in our quarterly lesson on the Daniel's prophecies through 13 riveting presentations, and gives insight into the deeper meanings. 

For a fuller understanding study alongside Robert Blais using some of the materials he used in his studies.  

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