Child's Health Summit - Continuing Education Bundle (Bundle)

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Expected release date is 5th Aug 2024

Included in this Bundle

Gabbert - Unbound! Insights into Mental and Spiritual Healing and Victory (Book)

Mental and spiritual health coach Dan Gabbert outlines in Unbound!, the hope-engendering considerations that can enable one to experience progressive mental and spiritual healing and health – even within the arena of life’s challenges!

O’Neill - 3065 - Healthy Foundations & Natural Healing (10 DVD set)

If you’re looking for a series that will help you understand how the body works and the relationship between lifestyle factors and health, this series is for you. In addition to instruction on the 8 laws of health, Barbara also discusses the importance of maintaining a healthy acid/base balance in the body, the truth about dietary fats and cholesterol, how to achieve optimal mental health, and principles in raising healthy, plant-based children.

Ritsema - 2330: Undoctrinated (4 DVD Series)

In this series with Scott Ritsema we will look into the history of our modern schooling methods to see the original nefarious purposes of public education. We will reveal how we got to this dangerous time in earth’s history. What were the goals of education back then? Have they really changed so much in the last 100 years? The devil is working at all times and in all mediums to access our children’s precious minds. American schooling systems are aiding satan in his attempt to brainwash and indoctrinate fresh minds. 

Ritsema - 2335: Raising the Remnant (4 DVD Series)

This parenting seminar with Scott Ritsema will open your eyes to the true role of parents. Raising our children in this troubled world is more than just putting them into school and allowing others to teach and lead them. As adults, we have a responsibility to instruct our younger generations in a spiritually strong way.  

Mayer - 420: Media And Youth in the Church (4 DVD set)

Find out how spiritualism has crept into popular culture, why social media is connected to depression and rising teen suicide rates, and how superhero movies mess with our spiritual discernment. How can Christians protect themselves from the devil’s spiritual attacks through the media? Discover what the Bible says about how real Christians differ from fake Christians, how to protect yourself from spiritual attack, and what you must do to ensure you’re on Christ’s side in this spiritual warfare.

Ritsema - 410: More Media on the Brain (DVD)

Did you know that media producers are in the business of building media addicts? The obvious spread of media is intentional. What are the tricks being used to corral our thinking, manipulate us into blindly giving up our time and money, and to steal our loyalty, affections, and attention? Are you aware that media producers are aiming at our youth and children, and are trapping them when they’re young? In this exciting follow-up lecture to the Media on the Brain series, More Media on the Brain presents startling statistics that show how media-addicted children are affected psychologically.

Cross - 3020: Old Mountain Remedies (6 DVD Series)

Learn how to avoid stress and deal with anxiety naturally. Discover what an effective lifestyle plan is and how to develop one that’s perfect for you. Follow along as we discuss how to effectively address weight loss. Additionally, learn about the different natural herbs, vegetables, and fruits that can be used in many applications to deal with a range of disease conditions.


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Feeling tired of chasing quick fixes and fad diets? In "Sustain Me," renowned health expert Barbara O'Neill unveils a revolutionary approach to well-being built on nine core principles. This easy-to-understand guide consisting of over 240 pages and full color graphics offers a roadmap to lasting health, empowering you to: