Child's Health Summit - Introductory Bundle (Bundle)

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Included in this Bundle

Amazing Health Magazine

This special edition sharing magazine goes through the 8 laws of health in full colour bringing Gods remedies to the reader. 

Truth Matters Podcast: Episode 6 - Intimidated And Censored: What Really Happened To Barbara O'Neill? (DVD)

In 2018, naturopath Barbara O’Neill was put under investigation by an Australian health authority for advocating a health message that placed the power of healing in the hands of the individual rather than in the hands of the medical establishment and pharmaceutical companies.

Free With Purchase 

Truth Matters Podcast: Episode 5 - Barbara O'Neill Answers Top Health Questions (DVD)

In this episode of Truth Matters, we speak with naturopath, Barbara O’Neill. For forty years, Barbara has been speaking to international audiences about health and teaching people about the body’s ability to heal itself if given the right conditions.