We provide spiritual resources & education that enables Christians to proclaim the Gospel to the world.

...and our newest project: a special division dedicated to reaching the Farsi and Arabic speaking Muslim population
Translations of our material into many languages with ever increasing demands for more (hyperlinks)
Bible study guides & resources for further study
Free to public internet channel & video resources
Live evangelistic seminars wherever requested through our speakers/evangelists - including Victor Gill, Walter Veith, Joel Kratzke, and others.
Evangelism in USA and Canada via:
Broadcasting airtime on Secular TV stations
Broadcasting 24/7 worldwide - including our satellite channel on Galaxy 19 (North America), Opus D2 (Australia, New Zealand), and IS-20 (southern Africa and parts of Europe)

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Walter VeithAmazing Discoveries™ manages multiple outreach projects. From public seminars to online and DVD evangelism, broadcasting, internet streaming, web evangelism, translations, and mission projects around the world, Amazing Discoveries™ needs your help to keep this ministry going.

Your donation is applied to the most urgent needs.

Whether it goes towards the next evangelistic series or to pay for the next month's broadcasting costs, you can be sure that 100% of it will be used to cover a ministry outreach project.

Amazing Discoveries™ outgrew its facility and had to move!

New Building Our operations budget covers the basic administrative and building costs that keep our staff comfortable with an office to work and equipment to do their job. Our facility is located in the beautiful countryside of Aldergrove, BC within a short driving distance of the city of Langley and environs. Located on an acre of land,  our facility houses not only our offices but also a beautiful little guest house for speakers,  broadcasting studio and Presentation Theater for occasional guests.

Over the past few years, we've been able to complete much-needed renovations to upgrade the old building, and add more offices. But continuous upkeep is needed - including roof repairs. Slowly we are out-growing our space here. Our shipping department is packed and our options for expansion have reached their limit.We have already started to think and pray for direction where God may want us in the future. Please continue to keep us in your prayers and thank you for your donations to keep our operations going.


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