• Mellas - 2193: John the Baptist and the Remnant Church (DVD)

People today seek truth. With so much political and spiritual warfare, it’s hard to determine what is really going on. But thankfully more and more people are turning to Jesus Christ for answers to their big questions. We have a solution for the seekers of truth, and it’s all in the Bible. In this Bible study with pastor Andreas Mellas we will learn about the life of John the Baptist. How does this great man embody the Remnant people and church? What characteristics of John the Baptist should we be investigating?

Watch this lecture to learn how to achieve the similitude of Christ. John was a herald of Christ’s coming, and is also a symbol of Christ’s Second Coming. He is a type of the message of the remnant church in the midst of a spiritual wilderness. Learn about how we can be transformed by implanting Christ’s nature within humanity via the Holy Spirit. How can we do this? By teaching and practicing the Word of God! That’s the best way to impact the world. So let’s study the rich Word of God to learn more about the special people who worked for Christ.

88 minutes

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Mellas - 2193: John the Baptist and the Remnant Church (DVD)

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989 - Reformation Summit
989 - Reformation Summit

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