• DeVasher - 1440: Who is my Neighbor (MP4)

We may know all of the Ten Commandments, and know many Scripture verses off by heart. In fact many people can recite many verses off by heart. However, even if we know the words and the sentences, does that mean that we know the meaning behind these verses? Having head knowledge isn’t difficult, it’s knowing how to apply the knowledge and the verses we’ve learned that is important. We know that we should love our neighbors as ourselves, it is not a question of whether we know whether it should be done. We understand the theory and we understand the words, but in practice we may be lacking.


In this sermon with pastor Kameron DeVasher we will investigate the lesson behind knowing who our neighbors are. The words themselves are simple but the message is deep, and sometimes we may feel rebellious or hesitant to follow through on a command from God because it seems inconvenient, confusing, or difficult. This lecture will show that following God’s Word is simple and complex at the same time, and always rewarding and wonderful. 39 minutes

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DeVasher - 1440: Who is my Neighbor (MP4)

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989 - Reformation Summit

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