• DeVasher - 1442: Aaron, Miriam, and W. A. Spicer (MP4)

In a Christ-filled life we are called to bear the message of Christ and to spread the truth worldwide. We have many responsibilities as Christians and not all of these are pleasant. In Exodus we see the story of Moses. He did not want all the responsibility that God placed upon him, so God was gracious enough to call upon Aaron to assist him as his sidekick. Miriam also helped Moses for God’s glory. When we are called to a difficult task, we are sometimes gifted with spokesmen and helpers, new people who will help move God’s ministry forward. Moses, Aaron, and Miriam were leaders amongst their people and were entrusted with great responsibility. However, after a period of time, they started exhibiting signs of jealousy. They longed for more recognition, and were rebuked by God.  


The Lord is looking for people to help complete His work. He’s looking for humble, teachable, and willing servants. He is not looking for self-promoting, self-centered people. We are servants, not ones to be served. But we oftentimes feel like we should be acknowledged and rewarded. In this lecture with Kameron DeVasher we will look at how we must strive for servitude instead of greatness, and how being responsible for the small things will lead to being entrusted with great things. How does the life story of Aaron and Miriam contrast with the life of W. A. Spicer? How did Spicer’s life demonstrate a true Christ-like heart for service? Spicer searched for something more than just honor, he looked to serve God. When we are living a Christ-filled life we do not aim merely for gain or fame, but look for the privilege and joy of working for Jesus. Let us bear the message and character of Christ with meekness and happy hearts. 39 minutes

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DeVasher - 1442: Aaron, Miriam, and W. A. Spicer (MP4)

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