• DeVasher - 1443: The Not So Secret Rapture (MP4)

Many people think they know what will happen at the rapture. Surely, a thief will come silently in the night to take us away, right? Where did we get this idea from? Is it from media or from twisted doctrine? In this single sermon with pastor Kameron DeVasher, we will investigate how the rapture is not actually meant to be secret at all. In fact, it will be quite the opposite.


So how can we prepare ourselves for the coming rapture? Should we be building bomb shelters and guarding our front doors? Watch to discover the different kind of soulful preparation needed for the rapture. If we ask for the Holy Spirit to abide in us, we will know what is coming and be prepared. If God is calling us home, He would do so with celebration and trumpets hailing us! Shouldn’t everyone know about this wonderful event? We will go through scripture to investigate the not so secret rapture and discover what the nature of the rapture truly is. 32 minutes

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DeVasher - 1443: The Not So Secret Rapture (MP4)

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989 - Reformation Summit

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