• DeVasher - 1444: Burying the Dead (MP4)

What does it mean to truly bury the dead? Baptism is a symbolic act that is thoroughly covered in the Bible, but many people have misconceptions about its significance and are confused about whether it is necessary to salvation. So why do we need baptism and what is its meaning? Let us go to some important verses in the Bible to outline the necessity of baptism and what we need to do to prepare for baptism. In this lecture with Kameron DeVasher we will see that baptism alone is not necessary to salvation, but it is a nuanced and deeply symbolic act. There is a faith transaction that is part of salvation and baptism is only an aspect of this. It is belief in Christ and the adherence to the commandments that is key. We can demonstrate our faithfulness and loyalty by following Christ’s example and calling to baptism.


If you require a simple test to know whether you love God or not, consider whether you have followed all of His commandments. He has given us that simple call - we are to follow His commandments, and that includes having faith and getting baptized! God’s commandments are not difficult or monstrous, our obedience is not going to overwhelm us if we ask the Holy Spirit to help us. Baptism is part of this obedience. The act of baptism itself has no magic, there are no spiritual properties in the water. It is symbolic, and important nonetheless. Too often we bury people alive, they have not given up their old habits, old sins, and old life. They are not ready to surrender themselves completely to Christ. In order to fully live in Christ we must first fully die to our old lives. This lecture will outline the spiritual fidelity of baptism and the beautiful Christ-filled life we can have when we bury the dead. 30 minutes

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DeVasher - 1444: Burying the Dead (MP4)

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