• DeVasher - 1445: Judge Not… Yet (MP4)

Throughout our lives we will encounter situations where we feel like judging someone. Did you witness someone abusing another? Did you see injustice? Did you hear about a horrible crime? We are often tempted and feel entitled to judge these sinners. Do we not have the right to have opinions? We ought to be able to view a person objectively and gauge their actions, right? In this sermon with Kameron DeVasher we will go the Bible to investigate the many times Jesus said “Judge not.” What did He mean by this? We can simply read even further into the Bible to discover the true meaning of what it means to judge, and the bigger significance of not judging.


When we look at the actions of others, we need to first understand the value of examining the self. We must be self-aware of our own sins and faults before thinking upon others. We certainly do not want to be counted amongst the hypocrites! So instead of being judgemental, we need to be judicious. If we continue learning from the Bible we know that we should not judge anything before the time when the Lord comes again. He will reveal the true feelings of the heart and only then can all things be fairly judged. When this precious time comes, there will be two stages in judging. The first involves the verdict and the second involves sentencing. What, and who is involved in these processes? Discover that God’s chosen righteous people will actually play a vital role in this deliberation process. Prepare yourself to judge not… yet. For everything there is a time, so save your judgement for the fair, just, and right time. 40 minutes

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DeVasher - 1445: Judge Not… Yet (MP4)

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