• DeVasher - 1447: Take This Cup (MP4)

Throughout the Bible we see many mentions of taking from a cup, drinking from a cup, and taking up the cup. What does this mean? In this lecture with pastor Kameron DeVasher we will investigate the spiritual significance of the cup and the symbolism behind this act. In the Bible the cup represents getting what we deserve or what we have stored up, and it is vitally important for us to understand Christ’s sacrifice when offered us His cup in place of ours. Have we truly earned it or what does it take for us to accept this offering? Perhaps we will never fully comprehend how Christ exchanged our cup for His divine one, but this gift is precious and unsurmountable. Let us be thankful for this cup and drink from it daily! 32 minutes

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DeVasher - 1447: Take This Cup (MP4)

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989 - Reformation Summit
989 - Reformation Summit

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