Jackson - 1601: Who is Called | The Divine Prescription (DVD)

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God calls each and every one of us, but can we all of us pass God’s examination of our lives? Thomas Jackson reviews the 3 final great tests for Seventh-day Adventists. Jackson reviews the three tests that will set God’s people apart in the last days. How can we study and prepare for these upcoming tests? Despite all being called, that does not mean all of us will automatically be accepted into His Kingdom. Listen to Jackson’s important message concerning different methods to further our walk with Christ in order to secure our position with Him. Just like Christ came as an unwary servant for us, so we too must be servants for Christ. In this first part of the Divine Prescription series, learn about how being we can become servants in the medical missionary field, and how becoming missionaries means a mission of spreading the Three Angels’ Messages worldwide. 40 minutes.

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The Divine Prescription
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40 min