• Veith - 241: From Crete to Malta Part 1 (MP4)
In this lecture with Pastor Walter Veith, we will look at Paul’s journey from Crete to Malta and the tumultuous seas and tempest that almost sank his ship. Pastor Veith will highlight the parallels between Paul’s journey to the Advent movement in these perilous times. Are we headed in the right direction? Are we doing what God has called us to do? Thankfully we have been promised and given a more sure word of prophecy to help us discern what is important and what isn’t. We need to concentrate on the essential issues. As we go through the book of Acts we will see how Paul’s sea voyage is a typology to how we should view the mission of the Advent movement. Begin with our mission and stay focused. Join us for this first part of our From Crete to Malta series as Walter Veith sets the stage for the end-time message. .

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Veith - 241: From Crete to Malta Part 1 (MP4)

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