• Veith - 243: From Crete to Malta Part 3 (MP4)
Nothing pains the Lord more than seeing His children being deceived and pulled away from Him. This is Satan’s ultimate plan, to draw people away from God and towards evil deception. This war between good and evil isn’t merely a physical war, it is also a battle for the mind. Whoever wins the minds of earth’s population will be in control. Are we confident enough in God’s word and are we well versed enough to defend ourselves against deception? In this lecture with Walter Veith we will look at the Jesuits’ various methods of winning minds so we can withstand. There is deception cloaked in fun and many innocent people have been tricked into believing the best of people. Who’s really in charge of theatre? Broadcasting? Entertainment? News? Perhaps there is more going on behind the scenes than we knew. Watch this compelling lecture to discover who is pulling the strings and how we can see beyond appearances to what is really going on. (120 minutes)

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Veith - 243: From Crete to Malta Part 3 (MP4)

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