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Wilson - 745: Light Shining in Darkness and the Last Great Deception (MP4)

We need to properly defend ourselves with God’s word, not punches.


Wilson - 881: Babylon is Fallen / Complete Restoration (MP4)

This introductory message to the series reveals where we stand in earth’s history, where we came fro..


Wilson - 882: The Hour of His Judgment / Complete Restoration (MP4)

In this lecture, Dan Wilson continues his study of typology by looking at how Revelation echoes Old ..


Wilson - 883: The Everlasting Gospel / Complete Restoration (MP4)

If we, the professed children of God, understood what this everlasting good news really is, it would..


Wilson - 884: Restoration / Complete Restoration (MP4)

We experience our brokenness and the brokenness of the world we live in day after day. What too few ..


Wilson - 885: Fear God? / Complete Restoration (MP4)

Have you ever wondered why the life story of one man takes up so much of the Bible? Are you aware th..


Wilson - 886: Give Him Glory / Complete Restoration (MP4)

If you haven’t climbed Sinai with Moses, you’ve missed out on seeing the glory of God. Moses, like G..


Wilson - 887: Worship Him / Complete Restoration (MP4)

Many people today think worship is a music style, the way church services are conducted, or some oth..


Wilson - 888: Maddening Wine / Complete Restoration (MP4)

As we walk deeper into the past and through the experiences of the people of faith who have gone bef..


Wilson - 889: The Third Angel / Complete Restoration (MP4)

Now we come to the most misunderstood portion of the Three Angels’ Messages. How can this ominous me..


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