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Cleminson - 911 : Testimony of an Illuminist (MP4)

In this powerful and eye opening testimony, Mark Cleminson shares his experience of growing up as a ..


Cleminson - 919: Exousia (MP4)

The Greek word exousia is considered to be one of the strongest words for liberty in the Greek langu..


Cleminson - 920: Now is the Time (MP4)

Now is the Time by Mark Cleminson.


Cross - 3021: Kitchen Remedies (MP4)

Learn about how to supply our kitchen cabinets and fridges to give us the best health.


Cross - 3022: Old Mountain Remedies (MP4)

What natural remedies can help improve or even restore our health? Explore different remedies by dia..


Cross - 3023: How to Avoid Stress and Anxiety Naturally (MP4)

What types of stress are there? How can stress physically change our bodies? What can be done about ..


Cross - 3024: How to Develop an Effective Lifestyle Plan (MP4)

If you want to get healthy, start by creating an effective lifestyle plan. Walt Cross gives us great..


Cross - 3025: Old Mountain Remedies by Treatment (MP4)

What common and accessible herbs, fruits, and vegetables can be used to treat disease?


Cross - 3026: How to Effectively Address Weight Loss Naturally (MP4)

This lecture will address methods to effectively manage weight loss in an unconventional but long la..


Davis: 331 - An Incredible Diet (MP4)

Discover how the original diet God gave mankind in the Garden of Eden works for the human body today..


Davis: 332 - How to Avoid Tunnel Eating (MP4)

Learn what proper eating entails with this informative lecture by Dr. Jeanie Davis.


Davis: 333 - The Most Common Barrier to Great Health (MP4)

Are you exercising and moving your muscles? Learn how the simple act of movement can transform your ..


Davis: 334 - Ancient Elixir Rediscovered (MP4)

The human body is one great juicing machine - learn about the liquids it needs to keep it in top for..


Davis: 335 - Radiation That You Can't Live Without (MP4)

Should sunlight be embraced or avoided? Discover the answer in this lecture by Dr. Jeanie Davis.


Davis: 336 - Risk Without Responsibility: The Human-Agro Experiment (MP4)

Guinea pigs that look like humans? Humans who act like Guinea pigs? The Scripture, “My people are d..


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