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Davis: 343 - Your Health is in the Balance (MP4)

Gain helpful tips on how to manage a healthy, balanced lifestyle with the numerous tasks, appointmen..


Davis: 344 - Life in the Fast Lane, the 21 Day Challenge (MP4)

Take up the 21-day challenge from Dr. Rudy and Jeanie Davis to kick-start your new life!


DeVasher 1401 : An Enemy Has Done This / Lightning from Heaven (MP4)

An examination of what Christ taught about the existence of evil.


DeVasher 1402 : The Last Link of Sympathy / Lightning from Heaven (MP4)

This DVD presents a study of the fall of Satan and shows why the sacrifice of Jesus severed what “th..


DeVasher 1403 : The Earnest Expectation / Lightning from Heaven (MP4)

If, by killing the sinless Son of God, Satan finally revealed himself to be the murderer he was from..


DeVasher 1404 : Every Knee Shall Bow / Lightning from Heaven (MP4)

Why would a God of love destroy all the wicked at the second coming only to raise them to life again..


DeVasher 1405 : From this World to the Next / Lightning from Heaven (MP4)

What does it mean to be a citizen of heaven? How can God guarantee that no one will ever choose to r..


DeVasher - 1406: True Unity (MP4)

What is true unity? How does Satan deceive us using false unity? This short sermon discusses how tru..


DeVasher - 1407: Give, Give (MP4)

This sermon discusses how love is the ultimate law. God is love itself, and Kameron DeVasher explore..


DeVasher - 1408: The Gospel of Wherever (MP4)

What’s the best story that encompasses the gospel? What is the gospel itself? Can the gospel be more..


DeVasher - 1409: Heaven on Earth (MP4)

Ever wonder what Heaven is like? Kameron DeVasher discusses Numbers 2 and how the layout of the camp..


DeVasher - 1410: Killing the Fat King (MP4)

Kameron DeVasher explores the story of unlikable King Eglon. DeVasher discusses the meaning of the m..


DeVasher - 1411: Lessons from Egypt (MP4)

How can we verify what parts of the Bible to believe? Sometimes it seems like there are two contradi..


DeVasher - 1412: We All Die Young (MP4)

What is ‘old’ and what does it mean to us? Once we have reached a certain age, we expect to have acc..


DeVasher - 1413: A Reason to Believe: The Highest Claim (MP4)

Believing is one thing, but knowing why we believe is an entirely different story. Do we know our re..


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