Perenich & Farris - Vaccination (Book)

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On March 2, 2015, the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church issued an official statement on vaccination. In unison with many orthodox medical voices, this statement encourages participation in mandatory vaccination while cleaning that there is no faith-based reason for its members to disapprove.

For many in the church, this represents the inevitable result of medical and theological progress. However, other members with legitimate concerns and faith-based objections are left without a voice by such a statement. Many who love God and desire to keep His commandments do not share the same view as those in leadership over this matter.

This book explores biblical revelation, observing how diseases were prevented and treated to see if the Bible supports the practice of vaccination. Next, it examines how Ellen G. White encountered infectious diseases, as well as the claims of those who believe she supported vaccination. Then, it analyzes Adventist history, where it tracks both the rejection and acceptance of compulsory vaccination. Finally, this book reviews lesser-known and frequently ignored facts from science and medicine, challenging the narrative of vaccine and safety and efficiency.

Regardless of the position on holds about this controversial topic, Christians should value liberty of conscience and be noble-minded enough to see if these things are so.