Skeete - 876: Walking with Giants | A Closer Look (DVD)

Randy Skeete
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When Adam was in the Garden of Eden, he had the blessed privilege of being able to walk with God. Angels also visited him in the garden. These awesome things will all be restored in the new earth. The tree of knowledge will be restored. Every beautiful and perfect aspect of the Garden of Eden will be restored in heaven. Are we willing to do whatever it takes to get there? We may face a lot of temptations and it is not always easy to follow the commandments of God. But if we love our Heavenly Father, we need to seek Him in all things so we can reach the place where we will be with Him at all times. 

When we spend a lot of time with someone, they can start to affect us. If we walk with God in our earthly lives, we can be slowly but surely changed by Him. By reading Scripture, meditating on His word, and prayerfully learning more about Christ, we can learn to walk with giants now and also in heaven. The Lord has promised great and marvelous things for the redeemed. The redeemed of the Lord will enjoy privileges in the new world that unfallen angels cannot and will not even experience. In this lecture from Randy Skeete’s A Closer Look series, learn more about the significance of giants and what it truly means to go walking with giants.

38 minutes

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A Closer Look
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38 min