Truth Matters Podcast: Episode 20 - Hollywood: Babylon, Demons, The Chosen,… (DVD)

MacKenzie Drebit & Matthew Schanche
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Is Hollywood’s fascination with spirits, demons, and witchcraft a big joke? Or is Hollywood the place of Satan’s throne? Matthew Schanche and MacKenzie Drebit interview Scott Mayer whose ministry, Little Light Studios, exposes Satan’s tactics in the entertainment industry and shows why spiritualism in entertainment is no laughing matter. In this episode we reveal the shocking extent of Satan’s influence through media.

Get ready for the truth about how Satan is using The Chosen, Jesus Revolution, and the Asbury revival to meet his goals. Discover how Christian movies and entertainment are being used to warp our views of Christ and to prepare the world for the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. This episode has a compelling message for all Christian youth, and especially for those interested in the media arts. 

3 hours 5 minutes