Veith - 3002: Food for Thought | Food for Thought (DVD)

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When it comes to our health, there are risk factors that we can’t control, like genetics, what foods are available to us, and the environment in which we live. But there are also risk factors we can control. This video looks at our food choices and their effects on our health. What foods are best for healthy minds? What foods should we avoid? The clash between truth and error has never been greater than it is now, and now more than ever, we need to make lifestyle choices that give maximum brain power and discernment.

This video looks especially at foods that affect the brain. Many processed foods today have additives that are excitotoxins. What are excitotoxins and what impact do they have on brain health and function? How do refined carbohydrates and artificial sweeteners affect the brain? Why is hyperactivity such a problem these days? And how do the chemicals in coffee, tea and cocoa influence our thinking?

Many of the food forms that affect the brain were introduced after the 1840s. Is there something being fed to humanity to influence the mind in these last days? Do we really want to consume products that have been invented for the last generation that will make our bodies malfunction and our brains incapable of making important decisions? We are living in a time when we must do all we can to have optimal health in mind and body. Food for Thought provides the information needed to make wise food choices for body and brain.  

1 hour 39 minutes