AD Bookmarks: What does the Bible Say About Death (50 Pack)

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Introducing the "What does the Bible say about Death Bookmark" – your portable companion for exploring the Biblical doctrine that teaches death as a sleep. This bookmark features carefully selected Bible verses that uphold this fundamental truth, guiding your study and deepening your understanding of the state of the dead according to Scripture. This bookmark is created in a way that will invite a person searching for the answer to this question to follow along on a self-guided Bible study, making this also a perfect sharing tool or Bible study compainion when you're sharing the truth about this important topic! The backside of the bookmark has quotes from prominent protestant reformers, showing their understanding of this topic!

Here's what makes our "What does the Bible say about Death Bookmark" an essential sharing tool:

  1. Shareable: With an inviting title and supporting quotes from prominent protestant reformers, this bookmark can be used as a tool to share the truth about this topic with others by simply handing them the bookmark!
  2. Biblical Verses: Explore all the aspects of soul sleep with well over 15 Bible verses that affirm the unconscious state of the dead, emphasizing the absence of consciousness and awareness in the sleep of death. (Psalm 146:4, John 11:11-14).
  3. Compact and Convenient: With its slender design and high-gloss finish, our bookmark effortlessly slips into your Bible or study materials, providing instant access to vital scriptures whenever you delve into the depths of God's Word or are called upon to share the truth on this topic.
  4. Enhanced Study Experience: Whether you're engaged in personal study, group study, literature distribution or teaching endeavors, our "What does the Bible say about Death Bookmark" serves as a trusted companion, empowering you to navigate the riches of Scripture with confidence and conviction.

With our "What does the Bible say about Death Bookmark," you'll gain deeper insights into the state of the dead, an essential tool for the times we live in, as  we are warned that those who do not fully understand this topic will be deceived! 

Equip yourself with the knowledge and understanding of this foundational doctrine – order your "What does the Bible say about Death Bookmark" today and embark on a transformative journey through the timeless truths of the Word of God.