Bunch - Exodus and Advent Movements in Type and Anti-Type (Book)

Taylor Bunch
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In a series of 36 sermons delivered at Sabbath afternoon vespers services in the Battle Creek Tabernacle, pastor and teacher Taylor G. Bunch compared the experiences of ancient Israel in the time of the Exodus with spiritual Israel’s experiences following the events of 1888. What trials has the Seventh-day Adventist Church faced that parallel the wilderness wanderings? What lessons must we learn from Israel to avoid making the same mistakes? How can we be ready for entrance into the antitypical Promised Land?

See the striking parallels between the experiences of ancient Israel and antitypical Israel in this point-by-point analysis. This study will help you to be grounded in the faith so that you will not be moved by the wind of every doctrine that sweeps through the church. It will help you prepare so that you may survive the shaking and be among the triumphant throng that enters the heavenly Canaan. 

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