Camp Meeting 2022 | Building The Ark (19 DVDs)

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Building the Ark 2022 Campmeeting 

MacKenzie Drebit: 

Unlocking Prophecy: Back to Biblical Hermeneutics 

Confused about how to understand Bible Prophecy? Heard interpretations that contradict and not sure which one is right? How do you know if you should read something symbolically or literally? Are there rules you can follow? In this foundational series you will learn the Biblical method to studying the Bible and Interpreting Bible Prophecy that will make your study come alive! 


Walt Cross 

Walt will cover topics useful for moving out into the country - Home and Property Fire Safety, Edible Plants, and Health Care During the No-Buy No-Sell. What will you do when you don’t have access to a doctor. How will you help yourself? Every earthly support will be cut off, and we need to learn how to work with God during this time. 

Scott Mayer

Media has enveloped our young people like nothing else. How can you move young people to the country when they are so tied to their phone? Scott Mayer will address this issue and discuss media and the young generation. 

Timon Spuller 

Want to start a garden but don’t know where to start? Learn gardening methods from how to sow seeds, raised bed gardening vs. field and greenhouse, as well as various tools and watering techniques from our Farm Manager Timon Spuller. Learn how to start seedlings as well as sow different types of seeds. What can be direct sown? What needs to be started earlier? Are there off-grid machines that can make this easier for large quantities? Learn about different types of green-houses and see three different options in person. Gardening can be intimidating for many people, but we will try to break it down for you! 

Also, understand the microbiology in the soil and the Biblical method to find out whether till or no till is the right method. Learn how to take care of your soil so that your food is more nutrient dense and tasty! 

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