Cross - 3095: 8 Keys to Optimal Health (DVD)

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This series of short videos takes a proactive approach to achieving optimal health. Learn scientifically proven ways to improve your health, prevent disease, increase your energy, and more. Want to know how to feel better and live longer? Discover natural health practices that really work!

 Exercise: A Key to Optimal Health

Exercise is so important for staying healthy and preventing disease, but how do you get started? What is resistance training? What is cardio? Find out about the best exercise for busy people. Learn the basics of resistance and interval training. Start getting the benefits from exercise today!

Breathe Fresh Air!

Another important key to good health is air. Fresh air that is full of negative ions improves the quality of the blood, energy levels in your cells, and the efficiency of your brain, lungs, digestion, and all the organs of your body. What’s special about fresh air? Where can you find it? Learn why you must breathe fresh air!

What Are the Healthiest Foods for Humans? 

Good nutrition is an important key to living healthier and longer. What did a comprehensive nutrition study reveal about the healthiest foods and type of diet that helps people live longer? What’s the best fuel for your body? What is a whole foods plant based diet? Learn simple principles to help you eat for health and longevity.

The Importance of Sleep

A common problem for many people today is sleep deprivation. Sleep impacts the body in important ways and getting enough high-quality sleep is essential for good health. How much sleep is enough? What can you do to improve the amount and quality of sleep you get? This video looks at the importance of sleep and its effects on the body as well as natural sleep aids. Learn about herbs for sleep and why sleep before midnight is so important. Discover the importance of sleep and why it’s an essential key to good health.

How to Stop Worrying

Stress is the number one diagnosis in America. And even if you eat right and exercise, stress can wreck your health. Learning how to deal with stress is an important key to healthy living. Would you like to know how to stop worrying? Discover Bible verses about stress and the key that can stop stress from ruining your life.

Benefits of Sunlight

Sunshine has been given a bad rap, but it’s important for health. Few people get enough sunlight each day and many have vitamin D deficiency as a result. What does vitamin D do? What’s the connection between sunlight and mental health? Find out and learn about the benefits of sunlight in this episode

Water: Are You Getting Enough?

One of the keys to optimal health is adequate hydration. The regulation of body temperature, good blood flow, and the efficiency of the brain and all our organs is dependent on an adequate supply of water. Our bodies need water! Many are confident they get enough water but most people don’t. So how much water is enough? Are soft drinks, juice, or coffee good substitutes for people who don’t like water? Does drinking water lower blood pressure? Get answers to these questions, learn a simple hydration formula, and discover the health benefits of adequate hydration in this episode.

Moderation in all Things? Temperance and Your Health

A holistic, proactive approach is necessary for achieving optimal health. Eating right is a step in the right direction but there’s more to staying healthy than simply making good food choices. What we “feed” our minds has a significant impact on health, as well. And what about the little things? When it comes to bad things that are accepted in society, many have the attitude that “a little won’t hurt you.” But is moderation in all things sufficient for optimal health? This episode looks at the concept of temperance and the everyday lifestyle choices we make. Discover why being proactive with our choices now is easier than correcting the results of those choices later.