Cross - 323: God’s Prescription | What Are We Doing With The Health Message? (DVD)

Walt Cross
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The use of drugs to treat disease and the cost of those medications has greatly increased in recent years. But are prescription drugs the best solution to all the disease that we see around us? Does God have a prescription for the sickness that’s in the world today? People want a pill without side effects and look for herbal remedies to take in place of the prescriptions they’re on.  But is this an effective approach? Does treating symptoms cure disease?

Walt Cross looks at some of the problems with the way disease is treated by modern medicine and some of the dangers of prescription drug use. As an alternative, he offers God’s prescription as the true solution. He reminds us of our mission, the importance of obedience to God’s counsels and identifies the prerequisite to eliminating the use of drugs in the treatment of disease. Learn what God requires of every one of us in relation to those who are sick around us.

Time: 1 hour 20 minutes