Drebit - 1311: Is Country Living Salvational? (DVD)

MacKenzie Drebit
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Are you ready for last day events? How can we prepare to be among the 144 000 described in Revelation 7? Just as Noah prepared an ark for the saving his family, and as a witness to the world of coming destruction, so the last generation before Jesus comes is to live out their faith in Christ’s soon coming by actions that are also a witness to the world.  

This presentation looks at what we must do to prepare for the final events of earth’s history and how country living plays a part in this. The presentation also includes a study of terms that are often misunderstood. What is the “little time of trouble” and when does it happen? Has the shaking already begun? When does the close of probation come for God’s people? Join MacKenzie Drebit as he opens God’s Word and the Spirit of Prophecy in this study of the 144 000 and final events.

1 hour 18 minutes 


Filmed Campmeeting 2022