Ferrel - Defending the Godhead (Book)

Vance Ferrell
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Following are true facts about the Godhead as outlined in this book

  • The Bible and Spirit of Prophecy do not teach the error of the trinity; instead they teach the truth about the Godhead. A large number of inpired statements are quoted. Included in the book are 511 Bible quotations or references and 120 Spirit of Prophecy quotations—more than 631 in all—which prove the divinity and eternity of Christ and the mission of the Holy Spirit.
  • Nearly all the errors about the Godhead, and its members, occur when people confuse Their work with Their nature. In this book, you will learn how to avoid this error.
  • Our pioneers wrote against the Catholic teaching, called the Trinity. We also reject that error. Eleven pioneer statements are quoted, showing exactly what it was that they were rejecting.
  • The Roman Catholic Trinity teaching is un-Biblical, weird, and dishonoring to the Deity. Yet it has been adopted by the most modern Protestant Churches. Twenty-one official Catholic statements are quoted, showing what they actually teach.
  • Spiritualists, Islam, and many cults also deny the divinity of Christ and the Holy Spirit. Forty-eight of their official statements are quoted.
  • A large amount of additional information is also included. This is the most complete defense of the Godhead available anywhere.