Gabbert - 7407: Faith is the Victory | God's Healing Way to Mental and Spiritual Health (DVD)

Dan Gabbert
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The idea of faith may seem simple, but it is actually complex, intricate, and difficult to understand. Faith is a major aspect of our beliefs in Christ, and if we cannot understand it, and do not know what faith is good for and what it leads to, we miss the point of our Christianity. Dan Gabbert helps to reveal how we should relinquish our own will to show faith in God’s will, and submit to the Lord through faith. Faith is vital and we must achieve faith in order to gain the victory of salvation. 

Everyone wishes their lives were better. We desire improved health, stronger relationships, and more success. However, we often become slaves to our own doubts and cannot control all of our impulses. We become weak in our relationship with God, replacing Him with earthly wants. However, Gabbert reminds us that we can ask for courage and more faith from our Heavenly Father. Faith is the victory over these troubles, and only the Lord can supply us with this faith. 

35 minutes.