Gabbert - 811: The Mind of the Master Part 1 | Understanding the Latter Rain (DVD)

Dan Gabbert
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We are counseled to prepare for “what is soon to break upon the world as an overwhelming surprise” but what does it mean to prepare? And though we’ve been told not to worry about the latter rain, surely there is something that we must be doing to prepare for its outpouring. There is, and it has much to do with the kind of Christianity we live out on a daily basis.

Obviously, we want genuine Christianity, but what does healing, saving Christianity look like? And why is it that nothing can replace time alone in the word of God to know Christ, but without it, everything replaces it? What is it that the devil can do that will ensure his success in his attacks against believers? In this presentation Dan Gabbert answers these questions and reveals the eight Ts necessary to having a healing, saving relationship with Christ. 65 minutes