Goia - 1134: Filled with the Spirit (DVD)

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Hear awe-inspiring stories of how God uses regular people who experience the baptism of the Holy Spirit daily and make themselves available for His service. If God is as willing to use people today as He was in the days when the disciples turned the world upside down, why don’t we see the same results?

Pastor Pavel Goia stresses that having the Spirit in our lives is the most essential thing. God is calling each of us to seek His presence daily. What would happen if we were all praying for the baptism of the Holy Spirit? The crises in the world right now declare the nearness of Christ’s return.  If we don’t do it today, when will we? If we make seeking God’s Spirit the center of our lives, we have nothing to fear. He will take care of us because He is faithful. Will you make that decision today?

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