Goia - 1144-1145: Incredible Grace | Growing in Christ (DVD)

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Expected release date is 7th Dec 2022

Part 1

Christians love to talk about God’s incredible grace and forgiveness. Then why do we struggle so much with these things? Why is forgiving others so hard? What is the key to forgiveness and peace with God and those who’ve offended us? Why do we struggle so much with sin? We sin and ask forgiveness, then sin again and ask forgiveness. We do it over and over until we don’t even feel like praying anymore.  We don’t have peace because we don’t feel accepted by God. We don’t feel we deserve His love or forgiveness.

How does grace work? What does God want from us? Do we really understand God’s incredible grace? We listen to sermons about righteousness by faith and salvation by grace, but still, we don’t have peace. There’s no joy, and no assurance of salvation. On top of that, we don’t welcome God’s involvement in our lives because His actions don’t make sense to us.

In this presentation, Pastor Pavel Goia addresses the trouble we have with forgiving others and looks at God’s incredible grace. Using personal stories to Illustrate Biblical concepts, he shares practical solutions to our problems with prayer and our struggles to be authentic Christians. How is authentic Christianity measured? How can we apply Jesus’ counsel on church discipline? What would these principles look like in action? What has faith got to do with forgiveness? What is significant about Jesus’ use of the number “seventy times seven”? Where did He get that number? What did He mean?

Learn the secret of letting go of the hurt and what it means to extend grace to others. Discover the key to forgiveness and peace with God.

1 hour 27 minutes


Part 2 

What’s wrong with our prayers? Why do we struggle so much in our Christian experience? Why does it so often seem that God doesn’t hear our prayers? Is it really our trials and troubles that are the problem or is the real problem that we lack the assurance of God’s presence, His love, and His help in times of trial? Why don’t we have confidence in God’s love and concern for us? Why don’t we experience peace when we take our problems to God in prayer? How can we live out what we profess to believe, so we can give others a more accurate picture of God?

In this presentation, Pastor Pavel Goia offers a straight-forward, two-step solution to our prayer problems. With fresh perspectives and insights, he shares the story of David’s incredible grace toward Mephibosheth. What exactly did David do for Mephibosheth? What did it look like for Mephibosheth to take his place at David’s table with his royal sons, the mighty captain of his armies, and influential courtiers? What lessons can we learn from Mephibosheth’s relationship to David that apply to our personal situations and help us understand God’s incredible grace toward us?

Listen to inspiring stories of grace in action in our day and learn why it’s not your sacrifice that’s needed by God. Learn to recognize the signs that will help you evaluate the quality of your relationship with God. Understand what is needed so that you can have the peace that passes understanding in your prayer life, regardless of your circumstances. Find out why it’s essential that we understand more of God’s incredible grace today.

 58 minutes