Hudson - 560: Foundation of Our Faith (DVD)

Christopher Hudson
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Who is the mighty angel of Revelation 10 who stands with one foot on the land and one on the sea? And how is this vision relevant to God’s remnant church? What message is there for us who are living in these last days? Christopher Hudson shares surprising Scriptural insights as he examines John’s vision recorded in Revelation 10 and discusses the blueprint Christ has left to guide us.

As we look into the word of God to understand the symbols of John’s vision, we discover that God has given us a blueprint to follow to build our characters. The blueprint is there in Revelation 10 and incorporates seven pillars. If we build on these seven pillars, when the rains descend and the winds begin to blow and beat on our houses and try our characters we’ll stand because God was the One building our houses, fashioning our characters. The question is, Is God building your house? Or have you made some amendments to His plan and submitted your own version to God?

Time: 1 hour 17 minutes