Jacobs - Growing Using Herbs Successfully (Book)

Betty Jacobs
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Have you been thinking about starting a herb garden? Are you an experienced herb gardener interested in expanding your knowledge base? Does the idea of an income-earning cottage industry appeal to you? Written for both novice and experienced herb growers alike, this information-packed book has something for everyone.

You’ll learn how to grow a basic collection of herbs from purchased plants and from seed. You’ll also learn about herbs to expand your garden and eight methods for propagating new plants. The author also shares her knowledge about the business of selling herbs and herbal products to help make your herb business a profitable venture.

This illustrated guide provides well-organized information on growing and harvesting dozens of herbs. It’s an important resource for anyone interested in growing herbs.

Chapter titles:

  • Starting Your Herb Garden
  • Thirty-two More Herbs to Grow
  • A Guide to the Vegetative Propagation of Perennial Herbs
  • Harvesting, Drying, Storing, and Freezing Herbs
  • Growing Herbs for Profit
  • Markets and Marketing
  • Growing Parsley
  • Growing Chives
  • Herb Products for Fun or Profit
  • Building a Successful Business
  • Plus: Six Appendices