Jensen - 894: What Message? | The Consistency of God (DVD)

Butch Jensen
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There is a message in the Bible that applies to every single person on earth. That’s the great thing about the Bible - anyone can read it and find meaning in it for themselves. The Three Angels Messages is one fantastic example of that. In this Bible Study of the Three Angels Messages we will see the urgent message for every man, woman, and child on our planet. It isn’t just a message for you and me, it’s a message to all humankind. How is the Spirit of Prophecy involved? 

Discover how the remnant people of God play an important role in end time events and how we can prepare ourselves for the upcoming battle. So let’s follow Butch Jensen back in history to figure out what Noah’s message was, what Jesus’ message was, in contrast to ours. Has it been the same message this whole time? Worship God, repent, change, and prepare. 

50 minutes