Miller - Ellen The Girl with Two Angels (Book)

Mabel Miller
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What was Ellen White like when she was a girl? How did she become God’s end-time prophet? Readers aged 7-9 learn about the life of Ellen White from childhood to adulthood in this delightful chapter book written by Ellen White’s great-granddaughter, Mabel Miller. Discover what life was like for Ellen growing up in the 1800s, how the Great Disappointment affected her and her family, and learn about the visions God showed her when she was young. Hear about the tragedy that almost killed her when she was just nine years old and the amazing miracles God worked in Ellen’s life. Find out how she became the girl with two angels.

Table of Contents

  1. Little Ellen's Home
  2. Bossy Gets Stuck
  3. What One Stone Did
  4. Jesus Is Coming!
  5. Sad and Disappointed
  6. Good News from Heaven
  7. The Day Ellen Ran Away
  8. Messenger for God
  9. Ellen Sees the New Earth
  10. Every Drop of Water in the Ocean
  11.  Ellen's Second Angel