Noorbergen - Secrets of the Lost Races (Book)

Rene Noorbergen
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What are the “ooparts,” out-of-place archeological artifacts, and what do they tell us about pre-historic civilizations? Why is modern science dismissive about their existence? Are the modern marvels of today’s technologies unique to the current period of human history? Or could it be that a highly developed, sophisticated race once existed of which we have only a few rare surviving artifacts?

Secrets of the Lost Races examines out-of-place artifacts against the Bible’s statements about pre-flood civilization. These ooparts challenge the theory of evolution and, instead, support the Bible’s telling of human history.

Rene Noorbergen uncovers the fascinating collection of ooparts that attests to a highly complex culture that existed in a time modern science says no humans lived. Discover the Secrets of the Lost Races.

Chapter titles:

  • The End of the Beginning
  • Ooparts – Science in the Raw?
  • Following in the Tracks of Ancient Explorers
  • Advanced Aviation in Prehistoric Times
  • Nuclear Warfare Among the “Primitives”
  • Unraveling the Enigma of the Cave Man
  • Mystery Monuments of the Builders
  • Notes
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