Obomsawin - 370: Life Science Seminars International (7 DVD Series)

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In this seven part video series, Raymond Obomsawin presents alarming details about the true science of life and health.

In his first lecture, Raymond Obomsawin discuses the use of vaccines and the history behind it. He shares how vaccines can actually cause much more illness than it prevents.

In his second lecture, he discusses modern agriculture and how it's directly linked to human health. He shares the benefits of organic agriculture and how it can possibly prevent and reverse disease.

The third lecture deals with GMOs. What are GMOs and what do they do to the human body and our ecosystem?

The fourth lecture concerns the health of Indigenous peoples. What can we learn from Indigenous populations that have virtually no disease, vastly better health, greater stamina and longevity?

Lecture five addresses the dangers of dairy and meat consumption, and the modern agricultural system.

Learn how to remedy poor health naturally in lecture six.

In the final lecture, discover the connection between spirituality and healing.