O'Neill - 3055/3056: Natural Remedies that Work / Heal Your Body, Mind, and Spirit (DVD)

Barbara O'Neill
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3055: Natural Remedies that Work / Heal Your Body, Mind, and Spirit 

What can you do at home to treat aches and pains, and minor accidents? Using common ingredients, Barbara O’Neill demonstrates how to make simple natural remedies that really work.

Wondering how to get rid of a boil overnight? Want to learn home remedies for ear infection? Looking for natural remedies for arthritis? Barbara shows how to make home remedies for these conditions and others. Learn how to stop a bad cough with an onion poultice, cool inflammation with a potato poultice, speed healing with cayenne pepper, and much more.


3056: How to Prevent Osteoporosis / Heal Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

Can you rebuild bone density? What’s the connection between dairy and osteoporosis? Why is it that societies that consume less dairy have lower rates of osteoporosis while those with high dairy consumption have higher rates of osteoporosis? How do you form strong bones and keep them strong? What do bones need?

This episode looks at how to prevent osteoporosis. Barbara O’Neill discusses lifestyle factors that keep bones strong and healthy. Learn the best source of minerals for healthy bones, the role hormones play in bone-building, common mineral leaches you need to avoid, and even how to remineralize teeth.  Discover the truth about osteoporosis in this episode.