O'Neill - 3059/3060: Why Can't I Sleep? / Heal Your Body, Mind, and Spirit (DVD)

Barbara O'Neill
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3059: Why Can’t I Sleep?

Insomnia is a big problem for many people today and many are asking, Why can’t I sleep? Not getting enough sleep can have a significant negative impact on your health and many people are simply wearing out because they’re missing out on restorative sleep.

Barbara O’Neill looks at the important tasks your body does while you sleep and shares natural sleep remedies that promote healthy, restful sleep. Which herbs are good for inducing sleep? Why is evening screen time so disruptive to getting a good night’s sleep? What’s the best time to go to bed at night? Learn about herbs for sleep and lifestyle changes that can help you get the sleep you need.

3060: Living Sacrifice: Is Yours Acceptable?

What has health got to do with spirituality? Why did Jesus take on human flesh? How can the fact of His incarnation give us hope? And what does it mean to present your body a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God? (Romans 12:1)

God’s government is founded upon choice, not force. Between truth and lies is an area of deception. How can we ensure that we remain on the side of truth?  Find out in this episode, as Barbara O’Neill looks at the relationship between health and spirituality.