Pandit - 2200: Come Search With Me (8 DVD Series)

Subodh Pandit
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When we encounter a highly debated topic, how do we proceed? In this 8-part series with Doctor Subodh Pandit, we discover what it means to become inquiring inquirers. Instead of jumping into a topic head first, let’s learn some techniques and methods to inquire thoughtfully, carefully, and fairly. 

This seminar has been deliberately designed to encourage critical thinking in regards to a common topic that appears to elude universal agreement at present. There are many belief systems in the world, and the five main religious systems have some similarities and share a lot of the same principles. In this investigative series, you will compare and contrast the main religions in a rational and logical way. Doctor Pandit leads us through the main religions and highlights his own search for the truth. After learning to be a true inquiring inquirer, decide for yourself what is true and what is false.

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Come Search with Me
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