Pel - 1508: Agents of Reconciliation | The Shaping Factor (DVD)

Daniel Pel
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When we place ourselves in the hands of the Potter, we become a new creation. Through the power of transformation in our lives, we exemplify the resurrection of Jesus and become His witnesses. God has a calling for each of us to be agents of His reconciliation and He will shape our circumstances to fulfill His mission. As it was with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, our eyes need to be fixed on the Promised Land and we always need to be prepared for God’s call. We can trust that He will orchestrate our lives so that everything falls into its place if we let Him guide us. The apostles had difficulty at first to understand the mission of Jesus, but the time came when they surrendered their own plans for the future, and with the power of Holy Spirit they were able to spread the Gospel across the world. Like them, we need to reject all that stands in our our way and be ready for His ministry.