Pel - 1513: Something or Someone? | The Unhindered Gospel (DVD)

Daniel Pel
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In all God’s creation there is a reflection of His goodness and power. Yet despite this clear display of His glory, mankind has turned away from Him. Rather than worshipping the Creator Himself (“Someone”) we have started to worship the creation (“something”). Once separated from the Creator, the simple and beautiful gifts such as food, work, and marriage, have become distorted and even turned into an object of worship.

Even though we may no longer literally worship statues of carved idols today, we have invented many more idols than ever before and they are more sophisticated. What really drives us in our lives? Where are our affections? What do we use our time and money on? What do we think of when we wake up in the morning and when we go to bed? If God is not the answer, there may be some idol in our lives that hinders the power of the Gospel.