Peppers - 1900: God's Answer to Modern Atheism (5 DVD Series)

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In recent years, atheism has become increasingly popular. It is now even taboo to be or to admit being a Christian. Why is it that some believers feel ashamed or shy about proclaiming their living God? In this 5-part series, Wes Peppers delves deep into history to reveal the archeological findings that prove the Bible to be true. By knowing our history, we can better answer challenging questions by atheists. But oftentimes history is not sufficient for some pressing issues, so how else can we approach curious atheists with our beliefs? Peppers provides ways in which we can provide intelligent and thoughtful answers to complex questions. This series is a great overview of how God has warned and prepared us for modern atheism.

This set includes: 

D1901: God's Answer to Modern Atheism

D1902: The External Evidence

D1903: The Evidence Speaks Part1

D1904: The Evidence Speaks Part2

D1905: Giving an Intelligent Answers

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God's Answer to Modern Atheism
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