Peppers - 1909: Cancer, Crisis, and the Cross (DVD)

Wes Peppers
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If God loves us so much, why is it that He allows terrible things to happen to His people? That is a familiar question, and many people have asked the same thing in the face of their trials. Wes Peppers is one of these people. He discovered he had cancer at the age of 28. Despite this horrifying realization, he saw his cancer battle as a means and way to continue living for the glory of God. Many easily trust in God when things are going well, but what about when things are going terribly? Even when the cancer spread, Wes Peppers found hope and encouragement in the midst of his fight against cancer. 

We all go through challenges. They are part of a life full of sin. However, we choose how we face these challenges. Let’s choose to stand up to these challenge, to learn true faith in the face of troubles, and to accept these tests of faith, and to continue growing stronger in Christ. 

If we are on the verge of losing hope, losing the battle, or even losing our lives, remember that we are to live our short lives on earth to His glory, and even if God decides it is our time to go, we are to die to His glory as well. Give God complete control of our lives, because God is the only one that can really save and change us. Instead of asking why terrible things are happening, ask how we can use these events for His glory. Hear the incredible story of Wes Pepper’s cancer crisis, and the miracles he experienced during and after his treatment.

65 minutes.

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65 min