Peppers - 1910: The Sanctuary, Surrender, and the Spirit in the Last Days (3 DVD Series)

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In this three part series featuring Wes Peppers, discover the significance behind the sanctuary, surrender, and the spirit in the last days. There are different forms of the sanctuary, one being the earthly sanctuary explored in Exodus in the Old Testament. Peppers outlines how this earthly place was patterned after the heavenly sanctuary. In the New Testament, the temple is represented within Jesus. Wes Peppers outlines Jesus’ life to show how He mirrored the Old Testament sanctuary and interceded sin in the same way. With Jesus now in heaven and the sanctuary of Moses’ day being long gone, is the sanctuary message still applicable to us today? As we are passing through the last days, we can still look to the sanctuary and temple to know how to act and live now.

Peppers gives us practical and modern methods to ask for God to be with us, as he was with His people in the desert. Discover how to surrender our lives even further to God’s will and to be even more like Him daily. We are wrong if we believe we can simply transform and become like God. We require the Holy Spirit’s help to change, so what does it mean to accept and grow in the Holy Spirit?

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The Sanctuary, Surrender, and the Spirit in the Last Days
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