Ritsema - 2322: Schooled Part 2 (DVD)

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In the first part of Schooled featuring Scott Ritsema, we looked into the startling history of the American school system. In the second part of this series, we discover how the current day educational system is actually using social engineering and methods of control to mold our children. Learn about how our children are being held hostage in the classrooms for longer periods of time and taught to conform to the masses. Instead of learning from parents in the home, we are moving to a social schooling era. 

Many people view education as being more important than religion, and in many ways, schools are the new churches and young minds are being spoon-fed information. We have a counterfeit creator that is shaping our children to think and behave in a certain way. In Schooled part 2, Ritsema will review the shocking truths behind the knowledge we receive; and we will see what techniques are used to get people to love their mindless servitude and indoctrination. 

62 minutes.