Shahbaz - 963: Victory or Defeat - The Choice is Ours (DVD)

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Is Christian character perfection a fanatical idea, wishful thinking, an impossibility? Or is it the message for our time? Are you tired of living a life of failures – sinning, then confessing, then sinning again, and confessing again? Jesus’ mission to earth was to “save His people from their sins” (Matthew 1:21). Do you have enough faith to believe He is able to accomplish His mission in your life? Does your life reflect that reality? Is your sin bigger than God? Could it be that there’s something even greater at stake than your salvation alone?

This study looks at Christian character perfection. Learn about Christ’s role in your salvation and sanctification in relation to your role. Find out what the Bible teaches about Christian perfection and what the real issue is. Discover how to be an overcomer in Christ and get full victory over sin in your life.

26 Minutes