Testimonies for the Church Vol 1-9 (MP3 Audio CD)

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Perhaps some of the most practical hands-on counsel from the pen of E. G. White, these volumes cover a wide range of insight into everything from good business principles to health and encouragement for your Christian walk. Now available on MP3 CD 


This MP3 set offers an incredibly high-quality listening experience. You will enjoy hearing The Testimonies come to life as you've never heard them before!

  • Includes All 9 Volumes
  • Narrated by a World-class Professional Voice
  • Soul-stirring Orchestration
  • Well-known Cast of Voices
  • Compatible with CD Players that are MP3 capable, computers, DVD players, iPods and other MP3 Players

Cast Includes:

CD Brooks - God
Lonnie Melashenko - Angel/Messenger
Doug Batchelor - Apostle John
Shawn Boonstra - David
Fred Knopper - Satan
Dwight Hall - Caleb/Joshua
Nathan Renner - Nathan/Nathaniel/Brother R.
Ivor Myers - Malachi/Dathan/Abiram
Steve Wohlberg - Elder Haskell/Lot/Micah
Stephen Bohr - Elder Bates/Daniel
Jim Ayer - Hananiah/Hosea
David Gates - James/Pharoah
Richard O'Ffill - John the Revelator/Jeremiah/King Solomon
Christian Berdahl - John the Baptist
Kenneth Cox - Apostle Peter
Brenda Walsh - Sister/Sister F/Sister H/Sister K
Gary Gibbs - James White
Jim Gilley - Jacob/Nicodemus
Shelley Quinn - Lady/Mother of Israel/Mother
Mollie Steenson - Sister B/Sister Chase
Plus others