Truth Matters Podcast: Episode 4 - The United Nations' Luciferian Connections (DVD)

MacKenzie Drebit & Matthew Schanche
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This episode of Truth Matters continues its investigation into the United Nations. What kind of guidance is the Luciferian organization, Lucis Trust, providing to the UN? What form will the new universal spirituality take? What principles are guiding the new universal education system and who’s behind the UN’s World Core Curriculum? Is there a connection between the UN’s plan for universal education and Pope Francis’s push for a new global education?

How are the world’s billionaires connected to the UN? What are the spiritual leanings of Bill and Melinda Gates? Do they have any connection with the UN’s brand of spirituality? Could it be that those who control the world behind the scenes are employing a lightning rod strategy, using key people and organizations to deflect heat from themselves?

The last episode of Truth Matters looked at The Great Reset and the end of capitalism. In this episode, Professor Walter J. Veith and co-hosts Matthew Schanche and Mackenzie Drebit consider the social component. What is the Club of Rome and who are its members? What have they identified as the world’s problems and what plans do they have for “correcting” them? What does their recent publication, 2052, reveal about what lies ahead for humanity? How do the Club of Rome’s ideologies compare with those of the World Economic Forum? How does environmental “sustainability” fit with their ideals and plans? And what is the connection between the goals of the world’s great think tanks and the Roman Catholic Church’s social teachings, exemplified in Pope Francis’s recent encyclical Fratelli Tutti?

Also in this episode, TM hosts discuss China’s re-education camps. Could isolation camps be used in Western countries? Haven’t population control tactics first trialed in China already been used across the world during the Covid-19 crisis?

These are sobering considerations. Nevertheless, Truth Matters provides you with the information you need to help you prepare and have hope for a better future.